Tomlinson Run State Park – Three Great Reasons to Visit This Summer

Tomlinson Run State Park

Tomlinson Run State Park lies at the top of West Virginia’s northern panhandle.  Situated between Ohio and Pennsylvania in Hancock County it covers 1,398 acres. It is the most northern state park in West Virginia. Tomlinson Run State Park provides a wide range of recreational opportunities to West Virginians and out of state visitors alike.

The park is hilly and forested and is named for the stream that it surrounds. Tomlinson Run is a 4.95 mile long tributary to the Ohio River, named after an early family of settlers to the area.

Tomlinson Run State Park is divided into two sections. There is a wilderness area and a developed park area. In the wilderness area you will find overhanging cliffs of sandstone and shale, along of wildflowers and fauna on the forested hills.

Tomlinson Run State Park Pool
The waterslide at Tomlinson Run State Park Pool.

Featured within the developed areas of the park are miniature golf, basketball and volleyball courts, a swimming pool, and a campground. There are boats to rent and a miniature golf course. The park has scheduled events from April through October.

Now that you know what Tomlinson Run State Park is, lets see why you need to visit this great West Virginia state park. As warm weather approaches, here are our top three reasons to visit this summer.

Yurt Rentals At Tomlinson Run State Park

Tomlinson Run State Park Yurt Rental

Tomlinson Run State Park has 48 traditional campsites available and 5 cabins available to rent. However, it is the only West Virginia state park where you can camp in a yurt.  What is a yurt?  A yurt is a luxurious and convenient alternative to a tent that allows you to experience nature while providing campers with more space.  Yurt rentals allow guests to enjoy camping in the great outdoors without having to pitch a tent or sleep on the ground.

Originating in central Asia, yurts have been used for nearly 3,000 years.   In fact, they were first used by nomadic tribes as portable homes.  Unlike a tent, a yurt is circular in shape. Because of this it is more suitable for extreme weather conditions.  They are so cool 50% of Mongolians still live in a yurt today.

Yurt Rentals at Tomlinson Run
The Tomlinson Run campground

Here at Tomlinson Run State Park, your 5 person yurt rental is 20 feet in diameter and comes with a set of twin/twin bunk beds and a set of double/twin bunks.  There are two available in the park that can be rented from April 1 to October 31.  There is no electricity in the yurt, but that just adds to your unique overnight experience.  

Tomlinson Run offers dog friendly yurt rentals. As of 2023, your dogs are welcome to camp with you in the yurt. However, pets must be leashed when visiting Tomlinson Run State Park.

Yurt rentals at Tomlinson Run State Park start at $119 a night.

There are 35 state parks in West Virginia. However, only one offers camping in a yurt. What are you waiting for? Book your your rental yurt in a West Virginia state park HERE.

Newly Restored Trout Stream

Tomlinson Run State Park

Trout fishing is one of the top outdoor activities in West Virginia. Over 100,000 pounds of trout are stocked throughout West Virginia monthly during the spring and fall. There is even a special yearly event held called the West Virginia Gold Rush. 50,000 Golden Rainbow Trout are released into West Virginia waters for a two week period.

Obviously, trout fishing is big in West Virginia. To improve it even more, the WV DNR Restored just under 8,000 feet of prime trout fishing stream.

2023 WV trout stocking

At the end of 2022, in cooperation with Water and Land Solutions, the organization rehabilitated part of the stream that runs through Tomlinson Run State Park.

In order to restore the stream, invasive species were removed, 8,906 trees were planted and access to the area was improved.  Five platforms to fish from or view wildlife were constructed, and bridges were built to cross over the stream.  

Tomlinson Run State Park

The shallow, slow moving stream provides the trout with highly oxygenated water and the aquatic insects they feed on. Additionally, this is one of many West Virginia state park locations regularly stocked with trout by the WV DNR throughout the spring and fall. Grab your fishing pole or fly rod as there are now even more opportunities to reel one in. 

WV Trout Stocking 2023

Remember, there is a limit of 6 trout per day when fishing in West Virginia.

Tomlinson Run State Park Mountain Bike Trails

Tomlinson Run State Park Trail

Along with the 2000 feet of trails created by Water and Land Solutions during the 2022 trout stream cleanup, Tomlinson Run State Park boasts nearly five miles of trails throughout the park. This extensive network of trails is also open for mountain biking. 

Tomlinson Run State Park Trail

There is a selection of trails for both casual and serious riders alike.  Additionally, some of the mountain bike trails are challenging enough that the park hosts the Tomlinson Run MTB Race. This mountain bike race is part of the Bike The Wilds race series.  Mark your calendars, this year’s event is set for September 2, 2023.

Tomlinson Run State Park

If you aren’t a mountain biker, the trails provide a great opportunity for exercise in other ways. Hiking or trail running are popular activities at Tomlinson Run. You’ll see many people in the state park enjoying the trails, with or without a mountain bike.

Whether you’re looking for a fun family getaway, exploring the wilderness with your furry friend, or working up a sweat mountain biking, Tomlinson Run State Park has you covered this summer. 

Pack your bags and head to the most northern West Virginia state park and enjoy all that it has to offer.

Finally, to get to Tomlinson Run travel 3 miles east on West Virginia State Route 8 from State Route 2 in New Cumberland, West Virginia.

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