Coopers Rock Lake Fishing In West Virginia

Coopers Rock Lake

Coopers Rock State Forest is located in Bruceton Mills, WV in both Monongalia county and Preston County. The 12,747 acre state forest has plenty to offer visitors, including one that is often overlooked. Coopers Rock Lake is an excellent spot to fish.

Coopers Rock Lake is visible to the left of I-68 as you approach the state forest from Morgantown. However, it’s easily forgotten by the time you reach the exit and enter the forest.

Not by everyone though. A hot spot when fishing for trout in West Virginia, anyone packing a rod and reel near Morgantown is wise to consider fishing at Coopers Rock Lake.

The lake is regularly stocked with trout by the WV DNR, and it was one of the 68 locations stocked as part of the West Virginia Gold Rush this year. As you can see in the video below, the water in this 6 acre lake is incredibly clear.

Coopers Rock was a week two Gold Rush stocking location. We arrived a few hours after the WV DNR stocking truck had visited the lake. There was a good crowd and the Golden Rainbow Trout were clearly visible all throughout the lake.

The Golden Rainbow trout acclimated quickly to their surroundings. Despite being easy to see, they were not easy to catch.

You could watch their movements in the lake from the shoreline, which was especially exciting for the kids at the lake.

Coopers Rock Lake

Fishing At Coopers Rock Lake

Casting a spoon into the water caught the attention of all the Golden Rainbow Trout in the area. They would follow the lure as it reeled in, but that’s as far as they went. We tried several different baits but ended up not catching any trout that day.

That’s ok, however, because impressive scenery surrounded the lake. The peaceful mountains of Coopers Rock State Forest reminded us that fish or no fish, we were outside and still having a great time fishing in West Virginia.

A hiking trail wraps around the entire lake. This gives anglers access to the entire perimeter, along with a sense of adventure. The lake may be small, but the shoreline can be fished from everywhere.

The lake is 6 acres in size with an average depth of 5 feet. It reaches a maximum depth of 12 feet near the center and the lake is stocked with trout from February to May. It’s not the biggest lake in WV, but it provides plenty of space to spread out and fish.

There is a boat ramp, however no boats are allowed on Coopers Rock Lake. Boats were permitted on the lake in the past, however, and maybe in the future they will be allowed again. In the meantime, there is plenty of shoreline to find the perfect spot to cast your line.

Coopers Rock Lake
Watch out for these weeds, they’re sure to steal your lure.

There are lots of great reasons to visit Coopers Rock State Forest, and fishing is just one of them. The WV DNR regularly stocks trout at Coopers Rock Lake. Trout stocking in West Virginia runs from February to May each year. As always, you can find more information on trout in West Virginia at our WV Trout Stocking Report.

Coopers Rock FAQ

Is Coopers Rock Lake stocked with fish?

Coopers Rock Lake is regularly stocked with trout by the West Virginia DNR.

Are boats allowed on Coopers Rock Lake?

There is a boat ramp, but no boats are permitted on the lake.

How do you get to Coopers Rock State Forest?

Coopers Rock State Forest is accessible from exit 15 off Interstate 68, when travelling east from Morgantown WV or west from Maryland.

Does it cost anything to fish at Coopers Rock?

It is free to fish at Coopers Rock State Forest.

Can you fish at both lakes in Coopers Rock State Forest?

Only one lake at Coopers Rock State Forest allows fishing. The lake centrally located in Coopers Rock is posted as No Fishing.

Coopers Rock State Forest

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