Middle Wheeling Creek Lake Fishing In WV

Middle Wheeling Creek Lake

Middle Wheeling Creek Lake is a 12 acre lake in Triadelphia, WV in Ohio County. Only minutes from Wheeling, West Virginia this lake is easily accessible in the state’s northern panhandle.

Middle Wheeling Creek originates south of Claysville, PA and flows west eventually combining with Little Wheeling Creek. Together, they eventually lead to the Ohio River.

Middle Wheeling Creek Lake is formed by the construction of a large dam on the creek in Triadelphia, West Virginia. As a result, the lake reaches a max depth of 10 feet and anglers in the area can enjoy the water year round.

Middle Wheeling Creek Dam
Fishing below the dam at Middle Wheeling Creek

Fishing Middle Wheeling Creek Lake

Completely surrounded by rolling hillsides, Middle Wheeling Creek Lake is much easier to fish by boat.

There is plenty of room to fish from the shore, however the entirety of the shoreline isn’t all that accessible.

Fishing in Wheeling WV

Wooded hillsides lead to the shore on the north and east sides of the lake. If you don’t have a boat or kayak you will want to concentrate at the base of the dam or the southwest corner by the boat ramp.

There is still plenty of space to spread out on the shoreline if the lake is crowded on the day you show up.

Middle Wheeling Creek Lake
Southeast section of the lake is best for fishing from the shore.

If you have a boat or kayak you will be able to reach some of the spots inaccessible by foot. Head north and find the perfect spot to cat your line. Remember, only boats with electric motors are allowed on the lake due to its small size.

Middle Wheeling Creek Lake Fishing

Along with trout stocked by the WV DNR, what kind of fish can you expect to catch at Middle Wheeling Creek Lake? Anglers visiting this Ohio County lake can expect to reel in:

  • Bluegill
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Channel Catfish
  • Trout (stocked February to May)

How To Get TO Middle WHeeling Creek Lake

If you’re looking for a spot to fish near Wheeling, WV look no further. Middle Wheeling Creek Lake is easily accessible from US Route 40 – National Road.

One turn onto Middle Creek Rd will lead you right there. Follow the road for a few miles and it essentially dead ends at the lake itself. You really can’t miss it unless you turn.

Once you arrive at the end of the road, a steep uphill drive will get you to the lake. It had snowed a few days prior to our visit and I’m glad the roads were clear. It was steep enough that I wouldn’t want to attempt it in bad weather.

Middle Wheeling Creek
The road leading up to Middle Wheeling Creek Lake could be challenging in adverse weather conditions.

You may feel differently about it but one slip and you’re going over the hill. Handicap parking is available lakeside, but to get there you have to get up the hill and down the other side.

Currently, there is a series of four large potholes leading down the hill. Be prepared, the potholes were deep enough that my Rav4 scraped as I passed over them.

WV Public Land
Watch these potholes as you make your way down to launch your boat at Middle Wheeling Creek Lake.

If you’re towing a boat it’s likely that you’re driving a truck and you should have no clearance issues.

The lake’s close proximity to Pennsylvania makes it a good choice for out of state anglers. One of several lakes in the northern panhandle stocked with trout, Middle Wheeling Creek is close to the Pennsylvania state line. If you plan to make the trip for the day, just be sure to have your out of state fishing license and trout stamp.

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