Rollins Lake Fishing In WV

Rollins Lake WV

With West Virginia Trout Stocking underway, a trip north quickly turned into an impromptu fishing trip. We packed our rod and tackle and planned a quick detour to Rollins Lake in Evans, WV.

Rollins Lake is a 41 acre lake near Ripley, West Virginia. Situated only minutes from highly travelled Interstate 77 made it an ideal place to stop and stretch our legs. Since we were already there why not cast a few lines and reel in some fish.

The lake offers a boat ramp for electric motor boats, a handicap accessible dock, and a clean gravel shoreline around the perimeter of the lake. There’s even a small island in the middle of the lake,

Rollins Lake WV

We arrived on a sunny February day with weather in the mid 50’s. The crowd at the lake reflected the incredible winter weather.

The WV DNR had recently stocked the lake and local anglers were enjoying of the opportunity both on the water and along the shore.

Despite the crowd there was ample parking and plenty of shoreline to fish from. We spread out and didn’t feel at all congested or in anyone else’s way when casting. There is plenty of room around the perimeter of Rollins Lake for everyone.

Rollins Lake WV
Fishing from the dock is just one option at this Jackson County lake.

Fishing At Rollins Lake

Rollins Lake can be fished from the shore, the dock or by boat on the water. A few years ago the shoreline of Rollins Lake was a muddy mess.

Today, it’s a well manicured edge leading to the water. Thanks to the efforts of the state of West Virginia, the lake provides plenty of shoreline for fishing. The bank was cleaned up and gravel was brought in, providing easier access to the waters edge.

Rollins Lake WV

Along with the gravel shoreline, several paths areas surround the lake were paved. Combined, these two things really clean up the look of Rollins Lake and shows that it’s a very well maintained area for West Virginians to enjoy.

Along with fishing from the shore, there is a dock near the access road to the lake. Further on in is a ramp to launch your boat to cover the entirety of the 41 acre lake.

If you plan launching a boat at Rollins Lake, be mindful of the road leading to the ramp. It is a one lane road with no way to turn around.

However, you can easily see from one end to the other. Just make sure nobody is coming unless you want to back your boat up. The bank is steep enough to roll a vehicle if you make a mistake.

Along with trout stocked by the WV DNR, what kind of fish can you expect to catch at Rollins Lake? Anglers visiting this Jackson County lake can expect to reel in:

  • Bluegill
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Crappie
  • Catfish
  • Trout (stocked January to April)

Ripley WV Fishing

If you’re looking for a place to fish near Ripley, WV look no further. Whether you are passing through the center of the WV or a Jackson County native, grab your West Virginia fishing license and head to Rollins Lake.

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