Stonewall Jackson Lake Fishing in WV

Stonewall Jackson Lake Fishing

Stonewall Jackson Lake in Lewis County, West Virginia three miles south of Weston. The lake is formed by the dam built on the West Fork River. The Army Corp of Engineers completed the dam in 1990 forming the massive 2,650 acre lake. Even though Stonewall Jackson Lake was designed for flood control, it also provides incredible fishing opportunities in central West Virginia.

Unlike smaller lakes in West Virginia, at 2650 acres the lake can be fished by many people at the same time without feeling crowded.

Anglers can launch a boat from one of the multiple spots along the lake. Kayakers can paddle into secluded coves looking for fish waiting to ambush their prey. And if you don’t have a boat, the shoreline is nearly endless. You can cast a line from just about anywhere.

Stonewall Jackson Lake Resort

Near the Stonewall Jackson Lake Resort campground you will find a boardwalk that crosses the lake. Anglers on foot can use this to cross the lake and cover more ground in search of the perfect cast. The opportunities are endless when you are at Stonewall Jackson Lake fishing.

If your your children are with you then don’t skip this spot. They will definitely enjoy crossing the lake on the boardwalk. Ours did, both the views of the lake and being on the boardwalk. Additionally, it felt very safe even for young children.

I’ve seen some railings overlooking water that look like an accident waiting to happen. Not so in this case. I felt totally comfortable letting the kids roam along the boardwalk at their own pace.

Stonewall Jackson Lake Fishing

Stonewall Jackson Lake Fishing

The West Fork River flows north, eventually meeting the Tygart River to become the Monongahela River. The dam at the northern end of the lake has created a home for many species of fish.

Not only can you fish the lake a number of different ways, but it also offers different target species depending on the time of year. Renowned for its bass fishing, Stonewall Jackson Lake would be an ideal destination in the spring when bass begin to spawn.

When the bass fishing slows down in the summer, Muskie fishing is just starting to get good. Big muskies are active in the summer months when the water is the warmest.

With multiple species of fish inhabiting the waters of Stonewall Jackson Lake fishing is hot year round.

When you are at Stonewall Jackson Lake fishing you may catch one of these species of fish on your line.

Possible catches include:

  • Bluegill
  • Bullhead
  • Carp
  • Catfish
  • Crappie
  • Muskellunge
  • Perch
  • Walleye

Remember, Stonewall Jackson Lake is a catch and release lake so you may find yourself reeling in bigger than average sized fish.

In addition to the native fish species, the WVDNR regularly stocks trout in the tailwaters of Stonewall Jackson Lake.

It was also one of the locations selected for the 2023 WV Gold Rush. Golden Rainbow Trout were stocked in the tailwaters near the resort.

Stonewall Jackson Lake is nationally recognized as one of the top bass fishing locations in West Virginia. Bass fishing tournaments are routinely held on the lake by regional and national organizations. Some of the tournament hosts at Stonewall Jackson include WV Bass Nation, Cheat Lake Bass Anglers Club, Renegade Bassmasters.

To find a full list of fishing tournaments at WV lakes and rivers, see the WV DNR fishing tournament LIST.

The History Of Stonewall Jackson Lake

Stonewall Jackson Lake exists because of the damming of the West Fork River. The Army Corps of Engineers constructed the dam as part of the Pittsburgh District’s flood control program. The construction of the dam was approved in 1966 and finally completed in 1990.

While that may seem like an incredibly long time to build, this massive project also required the acquisition of 20,451 acres of land.

Stonewall Jackson Lake

Part of the land required to construct Stonewall Jackson Lake included the village of Brownsville, WV. In 1891 Brownsville, WV had a store, a post office and six homes. Over the years twenty families lived in the village, eventually building a school and a church.

The school closed in 1964 and the Brownsville Community Church closed in 1972. The scenic overlook of the Stonewall Jackson Lake dam was built using stone from the village bridge.

While it’s unfortunate that the village was submerged, it’s important to remember over 236 million dollars in flood damages have been prevented by the construction of Stonewall Jackson Lake.

Stonewall Jackson Lake Fishing

Nearby Accomodations

Guests traveling to visit Stonewall Jackson Lake and fishing have multiple options nearby to stay.

At the Stonewall Jackson Lake Resort you can find lake houses, campsites for your RV or even a room at the resort lodge. Pack your rod and reel. Get your West Virginia fishing license and plan an extended fishing trip to Stonewall Jackson Lake

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