Tomlinson Run Lake Fishing In WV

Tomlinson Run Lake

Tomlinson Run State Park is located in New Cumberland, WV near the top of the northern panhandle. The 1,398 acre West Virginia State Park has plenty to offer visitors to Hancock County. Amongst other things, Tomlinson Run Lake is an excellent spot to catch fish. Whether you are camping in a yurt or just visiting for the day, find out more about this prime WV fishing spot.

Tomlinson Run Lake

Tomlinson Run Lake is a 33 acre lake nestled into the middle of the state park. Surrounded by great hiking trails, the lake offers equal enjoyment for fishing and boating. Species you may catch while fishing the lake at Tomlinson Run State Park include:

  • Bluegill
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Brown Trout
  • Crappie
  • Catfish

Kayaking has become increasingly popular over the past few years and Tomlinson Run Lake is an excellent spot to launch from. The accessibility of the lake gives kayakers easy access to the water. Get in and out without much trouble lugging gear from your vehicle. Surround yourself in great scenery as you explore the far side of the lake.

Speaking of kayaking, paddling away from the shore will give anglers a good opportunity to cast a line at more seldom visited spots. The shoreline opposite the dock is much less accessible by foot. Bring along your kayak and your chances of catching a fish increase dramatically. Be sure to check out the video below to see what I mean.

A short video of the lake from the shoreline near the dock. The lake is easily accessible from several entry points and provides a good opportunity to take your kayak out for some peaceful paddling.

Fishing Opportunities At Tomlinson Run Lake

Along with the fishing opportunities at the lake, Tomlinson Run State Park boasts a newly restored trout stream. A cooperative effort between the WV DNR and Water and Land Solutions recently cleaned up this 8,000 foot run of pristine water.

Restoring the trout stream called for removal of invasive species. Additionally, 8,906 trees were planted and access to the area was improved.  Five fishing platforms were constructed, and bridges were built to cross over the stream. 

Tomlinson Run State Park

Remember, before heading to Tomlinson Run State Park to reel in a big one you must have your West Virginia Fishing License.

What kind of fish can you catch at Tomlinson Run Lake

The WVDNR regularly stocks trout at Tomlinson Run Lake. In addition to West Virginia Trout species, you can catch catfish, bass, bluegill, and crappie.

Can you swim in the lake at Tomlinson Run State Park

There is a sign near the dock stating that swimming is not allowed in the lake at Tomlinson Run State Park. However, you’re in luck. West Virginia’s northernmost State Park has a fantastic pool with a great waterslide. Enjoy those warm summer months poolside.

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