Best D Loop Pliers

Best D Loop Pliers

Looking for the best D Loop pliers for your at home bow shop? We know that working on your bow is a big part of archery season.

Your D Loop can wear out over time. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to check it before the start of bow season.

If your bow’s D Loop worn out and needs replaced, the good news is it easy to do it yourself. We have been working on our bows for years now, but replacing a D Loop is one of the first things we started doing at home.

Every time an archery shop replaces your strings they tie on a new D Loop. However, a D Loop won’t always last as long as a well built set of bowstrings.

If you don’t want to head to an archery shop for a simple fix, it’s easy to learn how to do it yourself.

After tying loads of D Loops, we always reach for the Easton Elite Multi Pliers. Read on to see why we selected the Easton Elite Multi Pliers as the best D Loop Pliers when working on your bow at home.

What is a D Loop?

If you’re looking for the best D Loop pliers you probably already know all this.

Feel free to skip ahead. However, this quick explanation will serve to help those who are new to working on their own hunting bow.

A D loop is an integral part of your compound bow. It is tied to your center serving in the middle of your bow string, and this is where you hook your release before every shot.

Because of this, your D Loop is a wear and tear item. Periodically, it will need replaced. If not, it can eventually break and lead to catastrophic failure.

Every time an archery shop replaces your strings they tie on a new D Loop. This D Loop doesn’t always last as long as a well built set of bowstrings, however.

The good news is tying a new D loop is easy to learn. All you need is a set of D loop pliers and the right material.

When tying a D Loop, you have several materials to choose from. However, the process for each one is exactly the same.

Best D Loop Pliers

When you tie your d loop you want the knots facing in opposite directions. The top knot should face away from your release hand and the bottom knot points towards you.

A poorly tied or damaged D Loop can lead to accidentally dry firing your bow. This catastrophic failure should be avoided at all costs. Knowing how to work on your own bows can help prevent unwanted damage.

Check out this easy video on how to tie a D Loop and see for yourself. Once you’ve decided you can do it, pick up a set of D Loop pliers and any D Loop material. From there, you’re all set to get started replacing the d loop on your hunting bow.

Best D Loop Pliers

The Easton Elite Multi-Pliers get our vote for the Best D Loop Pliers. After several years of use and countless D Loops tied on, these pliers continually impress us with both their ease of use and helpful features.

At the nose of the pliers is a vertical leverage cleat. This feature helps archers tie the tightest D Loop possible.

By clamping the D Loop material inside the pliers and wrapping the excess around the cleat, you can exert some serious pulling force on your D Loop to cinch down the knot. Your first knot will be super secure if you tie, wrap and pull with these D Loop Pliers.

Our favorite feature behind these D Loop pliers comes once your D Loop knots have both been tied. The Easton Elite Multi-Pliers have a second set of jaws. This makes them look unlike other D loop pliers on the market today.

Best D Loop Pliers
Pink D Loop Material is easy to see for demonstration purposes. It is also easy to see during low light hunting situations.

This secondary set of jaws functions to tighten the knots once both are tied. To really snug them down, close the D Loop pliers and insert the second set of jaws inside the loop.

From there, you simply squeeze the pliers closed. This opens the secondary jaws and tightens your D Loop knots so you never have to worry about them slipping.

If you use both ends of the Easton Elite Multi-Pliers as described above, you’re unlikely to be disappointed. Since my initial purchase years ago, I haven’t felt the need to shop around and replace this essential piece of home archery equipement.

And that’s saying a lot, because I am always on the lookout for the next best thing. They work great, and have never let me down.

FInal Thoughts

Replacing a D Loop is something every archer or bowhunter can learn to do at home. Save yourself time and money by having the tools at hand to do it yourself. With the Easton Elite Multi Pliers, our choice for the Best D Loop Pliers, you can better care for your hunting bow at home.

Before you know it, you may have a fully equipped bow shop at home.

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