IBO Triple Crown Scores

Dan McCarthy of Wisconsin starts the 2023 IBO tournament season off with a first place finish at the 1st Leg of the IBO National Championship Triple Crown. The IBO Triple Crown was held at Pipestem State Park in Pipestem, WV.

Dan McCarthy, shooting for Mathews Archery, edged out Joseph Goza by two points at Pipestem State Park. During the event, Dan was shooting the Mathews TRX 36.

Jacob Slusarz, shooting for Darton Archery, finished in third place.

Levi Morgan of Uniontown, Pennsylvania, the 2022 IBO National Champion, finished in fourth place.

The top 10 finishers of the Male Pro Release category at the IBO Triple Crown are as follows:

IBO Triple Crown Results
Competitor NameScoreX’s
1. Dan McCarthy42022
2. Joseph Goza41822
3. Jacob Slusarz41620
4. Levi Morgan41425
5. Chris Hacker40718
6. Jacob Marlow40715
7. Ryan Jeffries40414
8. Justin Martin40318
9. Jack Wallace40216
9. Brady Martin40216

Up next on the IBO Archery tournament schedule is the 2nd leg of the IBO Triple Crown. The 3d archery action will return at Two Mile Run in Franklin, PA June 16-18.

The nations top archers will compete in the second event held to decide the 2023 IBO National Champion. With over 300 pregistrations, nearly 1000 competitors are expected in Franklin.

Check out some footage below from last years 3D archery event at Pipestem State Park.

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