IBO World Championship 2023 Held at Cacapon State Park

IBO World Championship 2023

From August 9 to August 11 the worlds best competitive archers will compete at West Virginia’s Cacapon State Park for the 2023 IBO World Championship. The top 3D archery event in the world is taking place right here in WV’s eastern panhandle.

The International Bowhunters Oragnization, or IBO, hosts 3D archery events across the country. Several of which were also held in West Virginia, including the First Leg of the IBO National Triple Crown. Others are qualifying events for the 2023 World Championship which helps ensure that the best of the best are competing for the title.

In 3D archery, competitors hike a course through the woods and shoot at three dimensional foam animal targets. It is designed to mimic a real life hunting situation. Score is kept, with the smallest circle earning shooters an 11 in IBO events.

Archers can participate in a variety of categories in the event based on age and the equipment they use. However, one common piece of archery equipment will be missing. Range finders are not permitted to be used on the IBO 3D course. Because of this, archers have to estimate the distance to the target, which is a separate skill in itself. A small miscalculation in the yardage will lower your score and hurt your chances of winning the 2023 IBO World Championship.

Along with the World Championship, the IBO will also award their national championship over the weekend. All three IBO Triple Crown events have been completed and the overall winners will be announced at 5 PM on Wednesday.

Who will come out on top this year at the 2023 IBO World Championship? Check back for results after the event concludes at Cacapon State Park.

2023 IBO World Championship

West Virginia State Parks

Cacapon State Park is one of 35 parks, 9 forests and two rail trails that make up the West Virginia State Park system. Managed by the WV Department of Natural Resources, they provide endless opportunities for family fun and adventure. Join more than 7 million people each year who visit to experience WV’s beautiful outdoor attractions.
To learn more about all the state parks in West Virginia visit www.wvstateparks.com.

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