Prime Inline 3 – Our Bow For The WV Turkey Season

A compound bow might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the West Virginia Turkey Season. For 2024, we are carrying our Prime Inline 3 to the woods in an attempt to bowhunt turkey.

Why are we hunting turkey with a bow? Good question.

We know it’s already hard enough to kill a turkey on West Virginia public land as it is and trying to do it with a bow is even harder.

That’s not going to stop us though. We may come back empty handed, but mixing it up is fun. It’s not so much about the result as the process itself.

Now lets take a look at our weapon of choice, the Prime Inline 3 compound bow.

Prime Inline 3

Prime Inline 3 Specs

IBO Speed337 FPS
Brace Height6.5 Inches
Axle to Axle Length33 Inches
Let Off85%
Draw Length26 to 30.5 Inches
Draw Weight30 to 80 Pounds
Bow Weight4.4 Pounds

Prime Inline 3 Overview

Why did we pick the Prime Inline 3 for our turkey hunting bow? Well, it all came down to the price.

A few years ago, Prime Archery got tangled up with Hoyt in a lawsuit over the name of the Inline bow.

As a result, the bow was discontinued and archery retailers closed them out at $699. A flagship bow from a top tier company for $699? Unheard of.

I almost bought one new then but had just purchased a 2022 Mathews V3X. However, we all know that used bows sell for a fraction of the price new.

Because of that, I was able to pick up a lightly used 2022 Prime Inline 3 at an even better price.

Without a specific use for the bow, it has become our dedicated turkey hunting bow.

Our Inline 3 is finished in Sitka Elevated II camo. Oftentimes, I opt for a solid colored bow but turkey have especially keen eyesight.

Unlike when deer hunting, I always conceal myself with camo and a turkey hunting bow is no exception. I felt it had to be camo to get the best possible odds of success.

Prime Inline 3 Specs

My favorite feature of the Prime Inline 3 is the grip. It fits me incredibly well and features some advanced technology.

Prime calls it the Nano Grip, and it features NASA-engineered Aerogel. It gets warmer the longer you hold it which can be helpful on a cool spring morning.

The bow is well balanced and holds on target very well. Even though our shots for turkey hunting will be 15 yards or less, the bow performs well at long ranges too.

Paired with the exceptional grip is a smooth draw cycle with minimal vibration and hand shock upon releasing an arrow.

Overall, it’s easy and pleasing to shoot for extended practice sessions leading up to the West Virginia Turkey Season.

Prime Inline 3

Prime Inline 3 Setup

We chose to set this bow up slightly different than if we were hunting whitetail deer.

Typically, a bow I set up for deer hunting would have a 70 pound draw weight with the limbs backed off one turn paired with a heavy arrow.

For bowhunting turkey, our Prime Inline 3 has 50 pound limbs and will shoot a finished arrow weighing around 350 grains.

The Prime Inline 3 has a wide draw weight range. If this review piques your interest, archers can get one of their own from 30 pounds all the way up to 80 pounds

And if 33 inch axle to axle bows aren’t your thing, the Prime Inline comes in two additional models. The Prime Inline 1 is 31 inches ATA and the Prime Inline 5 is 35 inches.

The engineers at Prime Archery have developed something for everyone with the Inline.

So why did we set up the Inline 3 so differently than if we were hunting deer?

The answer is simple – we have different expectations from our equipment in this specific scenario.

We realize that this may not be possible for hunters with one bow but hopefully we entertain you with our struggles.

Arrow penetration is a major consideration when deer hunting. Because of this, I always favor heavy arrows.

You sacrifice a flatter arrow trajectory, but in West Virginia the shots are typically 20 yards or less.

Because of this, your arrow flight is not significantly impacted when shooting an arrow weighing around 550 grains.

Conversely, you gain more momentum and penetration over an arrow weighing less.

Prime Inline Bow

When bowhunting turkey this year, I am aiming for the head. Because of this, penetration is not one of the factors I am concerned with.

Going with an arrow weighing around 350 grains is simply a byproduct of a 400 spine arrow cut to the right length finished with a 100 grain Magnus Bullhead.

The Magnus Bullhead is the perfect broadhead for taking headshots on turkeys.

My biggest objective will be getting to full draw without alerting a nearby turkey.

I want to be able to draw the bow undetected from any position, possibly even seated. Having 50 pound limbs on the Prime Inline 3 will make that much easier.

Shots are going to be 15 yards or less – the closer the better. The only question is will I be able to pull it off?

Final Thoughts

Think this sounds crazy? You might be right. Bowhunting turkey is even more challenging than with a 12 gauge, and that is hard enough.

We may strike off and strike out, but that’s ok. We’re going to have some fun hauling our Prime Inline 3 through the woods this spring. After all, that’s what it’s all about.

If you decide to follow our lead and chase turkey with a compound bow this year in West Virginia, let us know in the comments below.

We’re happy to hear about everyone’s WV archery pursuits. Stay safe this turkey season and good luck!

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