Total Archery Challenge Seven Springs: Shooting The Leupold Course In PA

Total Archery Challenge PA

The Leupold course at Seven Springs Total Archery Challenge in Pennsylvania is a great introduction to TAC. It is a 25 target 3D archery course with distances ranging from 20-60 yards.

The course provides a good variety of targets as it winds its way through the Seven Springs ski slopes. Typical of Total Archery Challenge events, the course possesses some added difficulties not typically found on your local 3D range.

For archers who have never shot at The Total Archery Challenge before, the Leupold course is a good first experience. It’s also a great course for those familiar with TAC to introduce a friend to the event. While I have traditionally shot these events solo, that’s what I was doing today.

The Leupold Course at Total Archery Challenge PA Seven Springs

Your Total Archery Challenge adventure in PA begins with a ride up the ski lift. We loaded our Mathews Monster Wake and Kifaru hip quiver full of arrows onto the seat and up we went. From there you can see the practice range and all of the TAC basecamp.

Total Archery Challenge Seven Springs PA

Basecamp is where hunting gear manufacturers have tents set up. Be sure to allot some extra time before or after you shoot to walk through. It gives you a chance to check out hunting gear you can normally only order online.

After exiting the ski lift, you work your way through the course which heads back down the mountain. The Leupold course is several miles long so come prepared.

Earlier this week we shot the RMEF Course at Total Archery Challenge. The RMEF course was mainly long distance shots on elk targets. Something you don’t experience often as a 3D archer. Comparatively, the Leupold Course at Seven Springs is much more like a traditional 3D archery course, but with the added difficulty commonly found at TAC.

Because of this, I approached the targets more aggressively. Most of my arrows landed in the 8 ring of the RMEF course. Shooting at targets past 60 yards, I was just happy to not miss.

When shooting the Leupold course, I wanted to chase the 11 ring more. Even though TAC isn’t a scored 3D event, I wanted to challenge myself to try and be as accurate as possible.

This should better prepare me for hunting season and future competitive 3D archery events.

TAC Seven Springs PA

Targets like this set Total Archery Challenge apart from other 3D events. An ordinary 40 yard shot right up to the very end. Your arrow must be threaded through broken tree branches to hit the vitals or you will never see it again.

This is your typical shot on the Leupold TAC course, and one of the reasons I felt it was more difficult than the RMEF course. Nowhere else will you find targets intentionally placed behind things just to up the difficulty level.

That’s what makes the event worth the trip and something to look forward to year after year.

Total Archery Challenge Seven Springs

This frog target is small in size with even smaller vitals. In typical Total Archery Challenge fashion it was set across a pond in tall grass. It was only 38 yards away but the yellow eye was the only part of the target that stood out.

I used the eye as a frame of reference and hoped for the best. Surprisingly, the frog target did not claim one of my arrows that day.

Total Archery Challenge PA Final Thoughts

Total Archery Challenge PA

Come to Total Archery Challenge prepared to lose arrows. While the Leupold course may seem mild in comparison to the other TAC courses, it is still worthy of your participation.

It took just under three hours to complete the 25 target course. I brought a dozen arrows and returned with ten. Slightly worse than I did on the RMEF course, but I shot better overall. More 10’s and less 8’s, but I wasn’t keeping an exact score.

The Leupold course is worth signing up for but I hope to move on to other courses next year. Each year I seek new challenges and having done this course multiple times now it is time to increase the difficulty. 2023 was big targets at long range and targets hidden by obstacles on two separate courses. 2024 will likely see all of the above combined into one Total Archery Challenge course and me attempting to navigate it.

Set goals for yourself and continually chase improvement through every aspect of your life.

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