Fayette Station Road Scenic Driving Tour

Fayette Station Road

You’ve just stopped at the New River Gorge Bridge and stared out into the massive expanse of southern West Virginia mountains. Drive along the Fayette Station Road and uncover the history that exists beneath the New River Gorge Bridge in the valley below.

Drive to the bottom of the New River Gorge. This scenic driving tour takes you under the bridge and through the years. Travel south to America’s newest national park on this 100 year old road. Get an up close view of the New River, the oldest river in the United States. And along the way, learn more about southern West Virginia on the Fayette Station Road Tour.

Fayette Station Road Scenic Driving Tour

Driving The Fayette Station Road

Your tour of this 100 year old road will start from the New River Gorge Bridge parking lot at the Canyon Rim Visitor Center. From the Visitor Center, head towards US Route 19 and head north.

From there take the first right onto Lansing-Edmond Road. In 1/4 a mile you will see the signs marking Fayette Station Road, and the beginning of your scenic driving tour.

Be sure to plan accordingly. At only 8 miles long it’s a relatively short drive. However, it will take you at least 45 minutes to complete without stopping.

Tunney Hunsaker Bridge
View the New River as you cross over the Tunney Hunsaker Bridge.

Built a century ago, this road wasn’t designed for the traffic of today. It is quite a departure from US Route 19 that led you here. The road is very narrow and the hairpin turns are sharp. It’s slow travelling on the Fayette Station Road.

But that is part of the appeal. Just imagine yourself traveling through the mountains of southern West Virginia a century ago. Life was a lot different before the New River Gorge Bridge was built.

In addition to the reduced speed of travel, chances are you will want to park and get out at several locations along the way. There are plenty of good photo opportunities of the New River Gorge Bridge and the New River itself.

Fayette Station Road
Driving the Fayette Station Road affords you a unique view of the New River Gorge Bridge – Directly beneath it.

In addition to the New River and the impressive bridge that spans it, you get to see the former townsites of Fayette and South Fayette. Both were coal towns formed around 1900.

Both towns share a similar story. Built around coal mining, like much of southern West Virginia, once the coal dried up so did the towns. Now all that remains are remnants visible only if you go out of your way to see them.

Think about how many travelers pass over these old towns as they cross the New River Gorge Bridge without ever knowing they existed.

Whitewater Rafting on the New River

Bonus tip. The New River is a popular spot for whitewater rafting in WV. If you want to check out the action without getting wet, you can watch the rafters near the end of the Fayette Station Road. You can watch near the end of the Fayette Station Road.

Near the end of your journey just look for this sign.

Townsends Ferry WV

This parking lot is where the whitewater rafters will be exiting the New River. You can watch the final approach of their last run. Consider joining them next time. It’s one of the highlights of the area and an experience you’re not soon to forget.

To learn more about the newest National Park in America visit the official website at New River Gorge National Park.

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